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Umbrella Shade Size Guide

What SIZE of umbrella are you looking for? We hear that question a lot.

First you need to know that the size of an umbrella is determined by the shade diameter. To choose the correct umbrella size, first determine the size of the table or area to be shaded. The general rule of thumb is the umbrella should be about 5 feet larger than the area to be shaded. For example, a 48-in. table should have a 9-ft. umbrella or larger. Here is a helpful guide for choosing an umbrella for a table.

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up to 36" Bistro/Café Table

6.5  to 7.5 - foot shade Cover

48" Round or Square Dining Table with 4 Chairs

9 - foot Shade Cover

60-inch Round or Square Dining Tables and    72-inch Oval and Rectangular Tables with 6 chairs

11 - ft Shade

Helpful Hints

If there's a chance for bad weather in your near future, The Patio Homestore® recommends closing the shade of your patio umbrella or storing it in a sheltered area if possible. Be sure to completely close your umbrella into its locked position, and secure ties (if any) around the shade. Also, check that your patio umbrella is securely positioned in its umbrella stand. If sheltering your umbrella isn't an option, we suggest using a patio umbrella cover to protect your investment.

Storage is the best solution during bad weather or if you live in an area where winters are severe. When doing so, store your patio umbrella in an upright position rather than on its side, which can cause warping of the ribbing. Even in storage, a protective patio umbrella cover is advisable, as it offers an effective defense against dust, dirt, mildew, and insect damage.

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